Lantern Festival 2015

"The 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival" will take place from February 27th to March 15th 2015, and will include three major exhibition sites- Taichung Wuri High Speed Rail Station Lantern Exhibition, Taichung Park Lantern Exhibition and Fengyuan District Lantern Exhibition- that symbolize the saying, "three goats bring an auspicious year". Today (24th) the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and the Lantern Festival Working Group in Taichung City Government held the ground-breaking ceremony at Taichung Wuri High Speed Rail Station as a prelude to the 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival.

The 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival includes 3 exhibition sites, occupying 350 thousand square meters. The Taichung Wuri High Speed Rail Exhibition consists of 10 thematic lantern display- such as Industry and Technology Lantern Display, Festivity Lantern Display, Featured Tourist Attractions Lantern Display, LOHAS Farmer Flora Expo Lantern Display, Gastronomic Culture Lantern Display, Low Carbon-emission and Sustainability Lantern Display, and more- showcasing the results and characteristics of the Taichung City after the merge of Taichung County and Taichung City. In the Taichung Park Lantern Exhibition, the government renovated the main lantern of 2003; the new main lantern integrates the features of Taichung Park Pavilion. The Fengyuan District Lantern Exhibition is combined with local pastry industries and commercial centers, showcasing the characteristics of a "pastry town".

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Lantern festival 2015 akan diadakan di Taichung , so make sure you will be there !

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