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「華言俏語」- 2012外籍人士說國語演講比賽報名表

“Chinese Wit & Humor”

2012 Mandarin Speech Contest for Foreign Nationals

"2012 Mandarin Speech Contest for Foreign Nationals" is going to launch soon.
Tell us what interests you about Chinese language and culture or what interesting life experiences you have had in Taiwan. If you can get people rolling in the aisles, you could be the winner! Join this Page now to get the most updated info about the contest!

Ini lomba Pidato pakai Bahasa Mandarin di Taiwan untuk periode 2012. silahkan download form pendaftaran di sini

Application form 2012 Mandarin Speech Contest for Foreign Nationals

hadiahnya NTD$60.000, buruan daftar ^^


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    Pendaftaran sudah ditutup. nanti klo ada acara lain lagi akan diposting di sini. jadi, silahkan daftar sebagai member user di blog ini karena klo ada lomba dengan hadiah besar seperti ini akan di sebarkan melalui email yang terdaftar di sini.

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