Visas and Alien Resident Certificates (ARC) for International Students

  • Degree-seeking students can apply for Resident Visa before arriving in Taiwan by submitting an application to the overseas mission of the Republic of China in their home country (Both the name of the school and the department where you will be studying must be stated clearly under purpose of travel). Then, after arriving in Taiwan, get your Visitor Visa changed to a Resident Visa. Once a Resident Visa has been obtained, then apply for a Alien Resident Certificate (ARC).
  • Students entering Taiwan with a Resident Visa must apply for an ARC within 15 days of entry. Before applying for an ARC, all registration procedures must be completed at your school of study and you must have a student ID card in hand.


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    Maria Elsa

    Mau tanya, kl financial statement untuk ganti Visitor VISA ke Resident VISA di Taiwan bisa pake financial statement bank di Indonesia yg ada di Taiwan? (HSBC, Citibank, ANZ, Standard Chartered)

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