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I'm Jessica (At the most left side at the picture) and this is my story about studying in Taiwan. Me and my friends, five of us got a chance to join student exchange program in Cheng Shiu University (正修科技大學), Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The most common question that we often get is "Why you choose Taiwan as your study destination?" We study in Binus University, a university in West Jakarta. Cheng Shiu University is one of Binus partner university. It might be your first time to hear about Cheng Shiu University as it is not as popular as National Taiwan University in Taipei or Sun Yat Sen University in Kaohsiung. But I have such a good impression after studying there for about 4 months. We arrived in September and went back to Jakarta in January. Then we realized that time passed so fast and we really miss Taiwan soon after coming back to Jakarta.

20150913_101811_HDRCheng Shiu University is located at Niaosong district, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. When we arrived in Cheng Shiu University, we were shocked as the university is very big. It is as big as Sun Yat Sen University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (excluding the mountain and beach). They have around 20 buildings and they have a lot of free spaces. It took you a 15 to 20 minutes to walk from one edge to another one. They have a four floors building library. The International Office is located at third floor of the main building. My favorite place is the secret garden, a small garden located behind the library. Cheng Shiu has dormitories for the students as some students are from outside the city. The university and the dormitory is connected by a small bridge. Last thing that I love the most while studying in the university is that I could wear shorts at the campus!

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The exchange program that I participated in is unforetunately just for the Binusian. However, don't worry! For students who are pursuing their undergraduate or graduate degree, your university might have international office. You can apply for student exchange program and check whether your university make Cheng Shiu University as partner. They usually ask you to: fill the application form, make study plan, TOEFL test with minimal toefl score, academic transcript with minimum GPA, certificate of health, and interview session. For you who are looking for university to continue your study, Cheng Shiu University offers several scholarships which can be seen on their official website: There are some kinds of scholarship offered: tuition fee scholarship,  allowance per month, free admission on dormitory fee, etc. Cheng Shiu is a little bit different from other universities that you might have ever known. In Cheng Shiu University, almost all of the international students speak Chinese. All of the courses are delivered in Chinese as well.

So if you can not speak Chinese means you can not study in Cheng Shiu University? Well, not really. Some of my international friends could not speak Chinese nor write the characters but they survive studying there, including us. I can speak daily conversation in Chinese and write some characters. My friends were all new Chinese learners. Fortunately, the lecturers were very kind so that even if the subject is delivered in Chinese, the lecturers would kindly explain it in English. Although some lecturers were kind, some might be not. So be careful before you choose your courses. As exchange students, we chose the courses which could be transfered to our home university. That means the course that we choose have to be matched with the home university's course so that the scores can be transfered.

IMG-20150904-WA0008Above everything, the thing that I really appreciate the most is the people. My friends in Cheng Shiu University, they don't really speak English well. Yeah, Language barrier! But then it triggered us to start speaking Chinese. The sellers around the dormitory do not speak English at all. We will end up starving if we don't start speaking Chinese. That made us speak Chinese and our Chinese keep improving. Finally language barrier, even though sometimes we still feel it, but it became less and less. Study in Cheng Shiu University made us know that there is such a beautiful place in the world so called Taiwan. We learnt many things while studying there. We traveled to some counties and cities: Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Nantou, Hualien, Chiayi, Alisan, Taitung, Kaohsiung, Tainan, and Kenting. I can't describe how glad I am to experience studying in Cheng Shiu University, Taiwan just by few words. Interesting, wonderful, nice, will be lasted forever in heart.

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