Discovering the Hot Springs and Beauties of Beitou

Unveil the mysteries

Over 300 years ago, there's a place in today's Taipei where "trees don't grow, and the earth boils." The inhabitants, the Ketagalan plains aborigins, called this place Patauw, meaning "home of the witches." The pungent smell and thick fumes could mean just one thing-there was strange sorcery going on here. With time the name became Beitou in Chinese, and today, centuries later, this is still a beloved tourist spot.

(Beitou Park Spa)

In the days of japanese occupation (1895-1945) the Nipponese came across Beitou's secrets and treasure. Hot-springs inns opened one by one, a railway line and station were put up. Its fame as holiday oasis attracted royalties to savor its charms. Today, travelers continue coming from near and far to soak up the lovely natural scenery and dip in the comfortable hot springs resort amenities.

 (The Xinbeitou Branch Line (Red) train of Metro Taipei)

Perhaps there was indeed witchcraft practiced here admist the coiling steam and smoke. Today Beitou becomes a place of nature's bounty on exhibit, of cultured living, of hot spring refinement-of a famed rest and relaxation jewel. You can be assured to enjoy the sumptuous joys of mineral-springs soaking pleasure and to unearth the many stories of this valley of fascination.

(地熱谷 Thermal Valley)

To be continued~ 🙂


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