Together We Can Quiz Contest (Malaysia)

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This contest promotes understanding of Taiwan and the mutually beneficial relations stemming from bilateral trade. Watch the short “Together We Can” on YouTube and visit the event’s official website to take part.


The contest is organized by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia(TECO).

3.Contest Period:

The contest runs from Dec. 11-19, 2014, at noon (Taipei Time).

4.Prize Draw Date:

The prize draw will take place in the afternoon of Dec. 22 in Taipei City, with the names of winners published on the event’s official website the following day.


The contest is open to citizens of Malaysia residing in their home country. Only one registration per person is permitted. ROC overseas office staffers are ineligible.

6.Rules of Participation:

a.Visit the event’s official website and complete the quiz. Those with a perfect score can register for the prize draw by providing their full name, email address, contact phone number and address.

b.A participant can only register once for the prize draw.

c.All information provided must be correct and verifiable or the participant will be disqualified. A participant will be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the organizer or third parties that may arise through misinformation.

d.All information provided will only be used for the prize draw and subsequent arrangements.

7.Prizes and Collection:

a.First prize: HTC One M8 2 winners;
Second prize: HTC One E8 3 winners;
Third prize: Acer Aspire laptop 3 winners;
Fourth prize: Asus laptop 3 winners;
Fifth prize: Acer tablet 7 winners;
Sixth prize: Asus tablet 8 winners.

b.Winners of prizes can either collect the prizes in person with valid identification or authorize the representative to come to TECO before 31 Dec. 2014 during the office hour. Or TECO is able to mail their prizes to designated addresses (domestic only) after verifying winners’ personal information. The organizer assumes no liability for prizes damaged, lost or stolen in transit or upon reaching the addressee.

c.The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or other products of comparable value. The organizer reserves the right to change prizes or modify regulations.

d.Winners shall assume responsibilities for all taxes applicable to the prizes received.

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