2013 Mandarin Summer Camp


2013 Mandarin Summer Camp

The Chinese Language Education Center (CLEC) of National Taipei University of Education will organize and hold the Mandarin Summer Camp in 2013. The program will give the youth and children the opportunity to learn Mandarin and experience the Taiwanese culture through all kinds of teaching activities during the camp.

Individuals or groups, ranging from the ages of 6-15. Students will be divided according to their Mandarin proficiency; no experience is also acceptable.

The students allowed to participate in the program are between the ages of six (6) and fifteen (15.) On the first day, each student will be assessed for their Mandarin proficiency (both written and verbally). The students will then be divided based on proficiency and age. Each class will have a range of eight (8) and twelve (12) students. It is important to note that no Mandarin experience is necessary to enjoy and learn from our program and are still welcomed to apply.

Upon the conclusion of the summer program, School will provide graduation certificates as a way for the students to have a memory of the past summer. In addition, we will provide students and parents a copy of a CD which will include pictures and videos of the students during their schooling, cultural learning, various competitions, off-campus visits, etc.


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